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Experience the ease of our staff scheduling software for restaurants – designed to make life easier for management and staff alike. Say goodbye to chaotic paper spreadsheets and simplify shift management and team communication with one straightforward tool.


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Get Your Team Organised with Dedicated Software for Employee Scheduling

Our user-friendly online rota scheduling tool helps you set up staff shifts quickly and accurately. It's designed to keep your team well-organised for maximum efficiency, allowing you to concentrate on running a more profitable business with less hassle. Whether you run one site or multiple locations, Opsyte scheduling offers a bird’s eye view of your workforce management and a central point of reference.


Automate Staff Scheduling

Create and manage your restaurant's rotas with our easy-to-use scheduling software. Utilise our templating and forecasting tools to automate scheduling processes and keep everyone informed with clear communication features. Your staff will always know when and where they're needed, simplifying how your restaurant operates.

Easy Time-Off and Leave Management

Our software simplifies how your team handles time off and holiday accrual. Manage all aspects of holidays and leave requests in one place, accommodating various job roles and pay rates without the usual headache. Ensure your staff can plan their leave without disrupting your business’s flow.


Master Your Payroll Process

Our advanced payroll system is not only reliable and accurate but also designed to make your payroll tasks simpler and error-free. Highly praised by our clients, this system helps you manage payroll effortlessly. Get guaranteed compliance and smooth operations every pay period.


Minimise Paperwork, Maximise Productivity with Opsyte

Opsyte simplifies the running of your establishment by automating routine tasks. This frees up more of your valuable time while also reducing operational costs. Focus on what really matters—your customers and your team—while Opsyte takes care of the details, ensuring every shift runs smoothly and efficiently.


Next-Level Efficiency for Restaurants

Workforce management can eat up a lot of time—time better spent on strategic initiatives and driving profitability. Opsyte greatly reduces the burden of this task by automating the whole scheduling process with forecasting and communication features which lets staff know when they are working. The result? Less stress over timetables and more focus on what really matters: boosting service and profits.


Optimising Pub Operations

With Opsyte, pub management can easily make sure that staffing on every shift is optimal. This not only cuts down on the admin work but also gives managers a lot more time to focus on maintaining happy customers and business growth. Thanks to advanced forecasting tools, overstaffing on quieter shifts will be a thing of the past.

Quick Service with a Smile for QSRs

We know that for quick-service restaurants, speed and efficiency mean everything. Opsyte accelerates staff scheduling and adjustments, enabling QSRs to respond swiftly to varying customer flows. This level of agility greatly improves service delivery and drives revenue by optimising staff allocation.

Easy Integration With Leading Hospitality Platforms

Connect Opsyte with a wide range of applications. By partnering with top technology providers, we’ve ensured that Opsyte can merge into your existing setup to seamlessly enhance efficiency–making your business run as smoothly as possible.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients love how Opsyte has made their jobs easier. Read these testimonials to learn how our tools have helped improve operations and efficiency in establishments across the UK.

Always Opsyte

It’s a Powerhouse of a portal for any business that requires weekly book keeping, and clear communication with its employees.

Terry Barnes

Director, Inca London

Such a great product!

We've been using Opsyte for years now and find it super useful and saves us a lot of time. The rota system is a dream.

Jacek Bilinski

Founder, Pave Projects

Love it

Great team, amazing support!

Ed Barry

Founder, Over Under Coffee

The Onboarding Process

We like to keep things simple and intuitive, and hopefully you will see this in our software. Onboarding can be done yourself, or if you need our input we can either do this remotely using our chat features, or if needed set up individual training sessions.

Opsyte’s scheduling software for restaurants offers automated rota creation, shift swapping, templating, and real-time adjustments. It simplifies shift management, reduces time spent on scheduling, and ensures optimal staff coverage.

Our forecasting tool uses historical data and trends to predict future staffing needs, helping you make informed decisions about scheduling and labour allocation. This ensures you always have the right number of staff at the right times.

Yes, Opsyte’s online rota can be accessed by employees through the web or our app. They can view their shifts, request changes, and swap shifts, all from their devices.

The Opsyte Staff App is a mobile application that allows employees to view schedules, clock in and out, request time off, and manage their availability. It simplifies communication and keeps everyone on the same page.

Opsyte provides various clocking-in methods, including via a mobile app and web-based solutions. It provides an accurate record of staff hours, ensuring precise time and attendance tracking and reporting.

Yes, Opsyte offers a comprehensive leave management system that allows employees to request time off and track their holiday accruals. Managers can easily approve or deny requests and see who is available at a glance.

Opsyte integrates with various EPOS, payroll, and accounting systems, ensuring a smooth flow of data across your business.

Absolutely. Opsyte is designed to manage scheduling, time and attendance, and other operations across multiple locations. It provides centralised control and reporting for all your sites.

Opsyte streamlines payroll processing by accurately tracking employee hours and integrating with payroll systems. This ensures that your payroll is precise and compliant, reducing errors and saving time on manual calculations.

Opsyte offers comprehensive support, including an online helpdesk and direct customer service. Our team is always ready to help you get the most out of our tools and resolve any issues promptly.


Ready to Transform Your Scheduling?

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