Staff and HR solutions for hospitality

Staff Only
per month

Manage your team using our great online tools:

  • Staff profiles

  • Time and Attendance

  • Scheduling and rotas

  • Payroll file generation

  • Full support

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Staff and HR
per month

Staff module (see left!) plus:

  • Contract management

  • Staff document storage

  • Online signing of key documents

  • Manage your onboarding and team - fully paperless

Invoice recognition and automation

Invoice processing
per month

Manage your invoices using our great online tools:

  • Your unique email address

  • Unlimited invoices*

  • Team based permissions

  • Audit trail

  • Full support

*within reason - we will rate limit you if you send us too many per day!
Coming soon!
Automated statement reconciliation
per month

All of the invoice processing (see left!) plus:

  • Supplier statement reconciliation

  • Automated emails based on logical rules

  • Full audit trail

  • Integrations with Xero and SunSystems

Cash up online solutions

Cashing up
per month

Manage your end of night cash up:

  • Daily variance reporting

  • 'Snapshot' emails with multiple reports

  • Budgeting and forecasting tools

  • Xero integration (+£25 per month)

  • Full support

Most Popular
per month

Cashing up module (see left!) plus:

  • Daily and weekly P&L Flash

  • Sales breakdowns

  • Multiple financial reports

  • (you must be EPOS integrated)

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