Sales data and forecasting in one place

Regardless of how many different EPOS you have, we can hold the data and report against it.


We like automation

No more logging into various EPOS and downloading different types of report. Consolidate.


Find your top sellers

Analyse your site(s) performance across all sales areas and compare them against each other. Understand why top performing sites do so well, and compare against other sites that you want to improve.


The standard...

Like for like, new locations, budgets, forecasts, trends, hours, labour, you name it and the list keeps growing!

Making your restaurant back of house efficient

Group level reporting

Multi site reporting

Consolidate your reporting with some of the best in the business

We are backed by some of the best hospitality accountants in the UK and pride ourselves in being to adapt and grow with our clients. Our reporting is designed to work for small and large enterprise organisations.

Business analytics

Restaurant reporting
for those who need it

Simple and useful reporting

Keep your restaurant on the right track

Keep management informed

Site performance analysis

Profit estimation

Forecasting and budgeting

No more spreadsheets!


Reports that your GMs and senior management can understand

Multi level

We have multiple permission levels to only show those users the right reports...

Multiple layers

We have a plethora of reports for both single and multi site hospitality businesses. If we don't have it, ask for it!

Join Opsyte and increase
your productivity.