Cash Up

Simplify your end of night cashing up process
and use our agnostic online cash up.
EPOS integrated and simple cashing up tools to help you minimise time wasted at the end of trade.

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Current EPOS integrations (an ever expanding list!)

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Throw away your Excel sheets and paper.

Automate your cash up - online with our simple tools.


Nightly cashing up and reporting emails.

Wake each morning with a site by site analysis that can include forecasts, budgets, variances, splits, historical analysis and lots more!

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Cool and important features to make your life easier

When we say 'get rid of your Excel cash up', we really mean it!

Safe checks
Individual waiter / terminal cashing up
Track your deposits, account customers, petty cash and complimentaries
Manage your bankings, regardless of tender, to make your accountant's life easier!
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Why would I want to automate and integrate my cashing up?

A good question - apart from the fact you get to work with us!!.



When you scale up your business, you need systems to match. If your systems aren't scalable, that's where we come in!


Save time on admin tasks

As much as we all love Excel and scraps of paper and manual emails - the future is online and automation. Let us show you the future.



To run a successful and profitable business, you need controls in place. We can help you manage these controls with our tools and automations.


Manage that pesky petty cash!

Until we all go cashless, you need to control that petty cash spending. Simply take a photo of your receipt in our app and code it.


Integrated solutions

We are integrating with more and more EPOS providers as we grow - if you have one you would like us to use then give us a shout!.


Friendly, knowledgeable support

We are founded and supported by hospitality accounting experts - we like to feel we know what we are doing.

Simple, fixed pricing

Each of our modules is keenly priced to give you great value for money.

Cashing up
per month

Manage your end of night cash up:

  • Daily variance reporting

  • 'Snapshot' emails with multiple reports

  • Budgeting and forecasting tools

  • Xero integration (+£25 per month)

  • Full support

Most Popular
per month

Cashing up module (see left!) plus:

  • Daily and weekly P&L Flash

  • Sales breakdowns

  • Multiple financial reports

  • (you must be EPOS integrated)

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