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Opsyte is used and trusted by leading hospitality names all across the UK.

Built by industry experts who truly understand the needs of the restaurants, bars and QSRs.

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Hospitality Management Systems

Finance, cashing up and reporting

EPOS integrated daily controls and reports at your fingertips.

Workforce management

Powerful scheduling and HR solutions.

Purchase control

Automate your invoice management with our automated tools.

Run your business the right way with Opsyte

We have a ton of tools that can help you improve the running of your hospitality business.


Online Rota

Opsyte has a fully supported online rota system, allowing your staff and management full access and control over their shifts. Automate your rota by using templating and shift swapping, removing the manual entry from rota creation. Plan rotas, manage working patterns, monitor time & attendance — with a free app for your staff. Try it today, or give us a shout to give you a demo of our online rota software. Or click here to read more about our online rota for your restaurant, bar or coffee shop.


Cloud based HR software

Intuitive and easy to use cloud-based HR software ideal for growing hospitality businesses: offering many useful features including online contract management, online document and HR storage. Click here to check out our online HR software in more detail


Holiday Management Software For Hospitality

Our online holiday management software makes the management and tracking of holidays and time off requests easy and efficient. An online solution for busy teams across restaurant, bar and pub operations. Allow your teams to manage their holiday requests online. Have a look at our staff, scheduling and holiday module in more detail here


Cash up online

Online cash up for restaurants is the future - gone are the days of excel issues and slow EPOS reporting. Our online cash up integrates with most EPOS systems (have a look at our integrations page) and we pull data with a variety of different settings, so you can cash up online safe in the knowledge that your daily variances and reporting are being taken care of. Read more about how to cash up online here


Automated data entry and invoice processing

Automate the data entry, coding and categorisation of purchase bills and receipts using our online invoice processing systems. We use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to create a searchable online archive of data extracted from receipts, credit notes and invoices. Read more about invoice automation.


Restaurant analytics

Opsyte has a restaurant, bar and hospitality analytics platform (works for pubs and cafes too!) which allows you to run your business with full data visibility. Actionable business insights for hospitality. Read more about restaurant reporting here



A snapshot is exactly what it says on the tin - a snapshot of your business. Our daily snapshot reporting gives you a full analytic in your inbox showing labour, trends, category and VAT sales, historical sales, profit and margins. Read more about restaurant reporting here


Restaurant accounting

We are founded and backed by some of the UK's top hospitality accountants, and our online profit analysis tools are build and developed to get you great and informative data that allows you to make key decisions in a timely manner. Don't wait for 5 weeks for your slow accountants to give you data, instead rely on a weekly flash to help you drive your business forward. Read more about restaurant reporting here

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Experts in hospitality management software

Opsyte was founded by hospitality operators and is backed by the UK's best in hospitality finance and tronc systems. We have hospitality running through our veins.

Trusted by a wealth of great clients
Built for hospitality, by hospitality
Focussed on your needs and requirements
We bring you the best in data

The Onboarding Process

We like to keep things simple and intuitive, and hopefully you will see this in our software. Onboarding can be done yourself, or if you need our input we can either do this remotely using our chat features, or if needed set up individual training sessions.

When you purchase your subscription, you will be taken through a series of steps to determine what parts and modules of Opsyte you need. We will train you how to use these modules with in page tutorials and help articles, but if you need help please get in touch with us on chat.

After you have finished your onboarding you will be shown which parts of Opsyte you have access to, and how much you will be charged.

You will be asked to sign up to our DD service, and you will be automatically charged on the 15 day after you sign up.

We ask that all of our customers sign up to our direct debit using Gocardless. Our fees are low and we can keep them low by not having to manually chase payments each monthly cycle.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients love how Opsyte has made their jobs easier. Read these testimonials to learn how our tools have helped improve operations and efficiency in establishments across the UK.

Always Opsyte

It’s a Powerhouse of a portal for any business that requires weekly book keeping, and clear communication with its employees.

Terry Barnes

Director, Inca London

Such a great product!

We've been using Opsyte for years now and find it super useful and saves us a lot of time. The rota system is a dream.

Jacek Bilinski

Founder, Pave Projects

Love it

Great team, amazing support!

Ed Barry

Founder, Over Under Coffee

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