Beautiful reporting
at your fingertips.

EPOS integrated or not, we can give you some great financial and labour reporting to help you manage your business on a day to day basis.


Reports that you will love

Hospitality management teams spend too much time on tedious report generating, excel-sheet editing, graph creating, and emailing. We can save you time!


Automate your reports

Generate quick and simple to read reports that give you the power to make quick and business focussed key decisions.


Keep a closer eye on profit

Daily EBITDA reporting to get you to focus on the key aspects of your business.


Make less mistakes

With less manual entry comes less human error - we can integrate with most till systems to pull your data and report it back to you in clean and simple formats.


Improve communication

Give everyone visibility to the key reporting needed to drive profit and sales.


Lead with confidence

Get peace of mind that your reporting is taken care of so you can spend more time on the important stuff.


Friendly support

We are founded and supported by some of the UK's top hospitality accountants, so we feel we are in a good place to support you!

Scale up your reports as you grow.

Scaling up any business can be a difficult process. Bring good systems and automation with you and your life will become considerably easier!

Easy to use and scalable reporting.

Adding sites to your portfolio within Opsyte is easy and quick. Use us to scale up with your operation so your reporting process stays simple and effective.

Profit analysis

Use our profit calculator to show you where you are losing or making money across the week, regardless of single or multi site.


Start reporting the right way with Opsyte

We listen to our clients to create great and effective reports. Give us a shout to see what we are all about!


Simple, fixed pricing

Each of our modules is keenly priced to give you great value for money.

Cashing up
per month

Manage your end of night cash up:

  • Daily variance reporting

  • 'Snapshot' emails with multiple reports

  • Budgeting and forecasting tools

  • Xero integration (+£25 per month)

  • Full support

Most Popular
per month

Cashing up module (see left!) plus:

  • Daily and weekly P&L Flash

  • Sales breakdowns

  • Multiple financial reports

  • (you must be EPOS integrated)

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