common accounting tasks

Automate your accounts payable data capturing and invoice mapping / coding.

Have multiple levels of authority in your business to make sure the right invoices are being approved by the right people and post automatically to accounting systems.

Streamline your workflow instead of sending emails to get approval for your supplier invoices.

Automatically map line items (SERIOUSLY... read on)

Invoice approvals

HOLD ON... Did you say you automatically map line items?

Simple answer, YES

We are hospitality specific so can afford the time to delicately through each supplier and make sure we automatically map line items!

What does that mean?

Our machine learning invoice system will start to automatically code your line items. Supplier sends you both food and drink on one invoice? No problem, we will start to map these to food and drink!

How does it work?

We have read hundreds of thousands of invoices over the years and now map each line item. If we haven't seen a line item before, we will learn and map next time!

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Invoice approvals

What makes us stand out

Multiple levels of authority

Make sure your invoices are being approved by the right people at the right time - no more sending emails to chase!

Audit trail

Want to see who approved a certain invoice? Easy with our audit logs.

Invoice approving for hospitality

Powered by accountants in the hospitality industry, we have built our tools around the complexities in your business.

Automate your work flow

Never deal with a supplier invoice on email again.

With your own specific email address, you will be able to ask your suppliers to email us directly. Our software reads and codes invoices automatically, removing the hassle from your payment runs. By allocating responsibilities and limits between your team members, you can have full visibility and responsibility of your invoices, all online.

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Centralise your spend control via invoice approval automation across multiple sites.


Minimise errors

Remove paper based processing errors and move everything online.



Have a full audit trail of who approved which invoice, when and where and why.


Mobile app

Allow your team to manage and approve invoices both online and in the app.

Focus on the important stuff

Streamline your accounts payable process for single and multi site operators

Opsyte fully replaces paper- or email-based manual approvals of bills and supplier invoices with automated approval workflows that establish financial controls for your spending accounted for in Xero or Sun Systems.

Simple, fixed pricing

Each of our modules is keenly priced to give you great value for money.

Invoice processing
per month

Manage your invoices using our great online tools:

  • Your unique email address

  • Unlimited invoices*

  • Team based permissions

  • Audit trail

  • Full support

*within reason - we will rate limit you if you send us too many per day!
Coming soon!
Automated statement reconciliation
per month

All of the invoice processing (see left!) plus:

  • Supplier statement reconciliation

  • Automated emails based on logical rules

  • Full audit trail

  • Integrations with Xero and SunSystems

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