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For everyone from small start ups to large multi site businesses, we have optimised our tools for you.
Save time and money on your scheduling and staff management with our simple and easy to use tools.

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How It Works

We have a ton of cool functionality, and we add more each month (as we listen to YOU about what we build next!). Here is a summary of our top modules to make your life easier:

Scheduling and rotas

Automate your scheduling with our templating and forecasting tools - and let your staff know when and where they are working with our simple communication features.

Time and Attendance

Our clocking in functions help you manage your team, no matter where they are and regardless of the tech they hold in their hands. We have a solution for all sorts!

Holiday and holiday accrual / time off

You and your team can manage their time off, accrued holiday and holiday bookings all in one place. No matter how many job roles or pay rates your team may have!

Powerful payroll

Our payroll function is one of the best out there (*so our clients tell us) with some secret tools to make sure you get your payroll accurate - give us a call for a demo!


We are backed by payroll experts

Our founders and backers are some of the UK's experts in payroll and tronc. We like to think our rota system reflects this - and we constantly upgrade by listening to the most important people - YOU!

The Opsyte Staff App


Detailed scheduling

Employees and managers can see all shifts (past, present and future) in the app. We have a ton of permissions so you can customise who sees what!


Availability preferences, time off and holiday requests

These can all be managed by your team members so you don't have to deal with any more paperwork.


Accurate time and attendance

Your employee can use their phones (connecting either via a designated wifi, or geo location) or a fixed tablet in your building to give you accurate clocking in and out data.


Staff features

Manage your team online - you can do away with paper! Whether it's our App, staff management, scheduling and rotas, communications, time and attendance, reporting or integrations - we feel we have covered all of the bases to make your life easier.

No more need for paper documentation

Manage your staff online and reduce your workload as they manage their own data and requests.

Onboard your staff with clicks and automated emails instead of rustling papers around and losing track of new starters.

Make smarter schedules for your team

By using Opsyte's online rota and scheduling software, you can hugely reduce the amount of time you spend making and communicating your staff schedule by automating more of your processes and empowering your team members.

Clocking in and out

Time and Attendance made easy - your team can clock in and out with a variety of different ways to make sure all of your team hours are recorded online.

Rota and payroll cost reporting

Opsyte's schedule and rota reporting gives you detailed and summary views of your staff costs. Monitor your daily costs and shift patterns with our reporting tools which apply for both single and multi site businesses.


Looking for HR, staff contract management and document signing and storage?

As an upgradable feature we can take care of your contract management and document storage - keeping life simple!

Check out our HR and contract upgrade

Manage your staff contracts of employment, all online!.

Document storage

Manage your staff documents, training documents, general updates and relevant important information, all in each employee's staff file.

Secure signing

Request signatures from your staff on important and key documents.

Simple, fixed pricing

Each of our modules is keenly priced to give you great value for money.

Staff Only
per month

Manage your team using our great online tools:

  • Staff profiles

  • Time and Attendance

  • Scheduling and rotas

  • Payroll file generation

  • Full support

Most Popular
Staff and HR


per month

Staff module (see left!) plus:

  • Contract management

  • Staff document storage

  • Online signing of key documents

  • Manage your onboarding and team - fully paperless

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