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Your Hospitality New Years Resolutions

Let’s be honest, it’s been a tough couple of years for hospitality – but here we are in another December, and despite everything your hospitality businesses are welcoming guests celebrating the festive season.

We can’t help but be reflective when the year draws towards its close. Looking back on the previous year can help us recognise our achievements, but also allows us to identify areas that we’d like to improve when we step into the New Year.

A lot of us make personal New Year’s resolutions: drink less, eat better, exercise more… Setting these goals can be really beneficial – this is equally true for the workplace. But in this busy season it can be hard to take the time to pause and reflect, so I will share with you some ideas for your hospitality New Year’s resolutions.


1. Appreciate Your People

As I said at the start of this article, we all know it’s been a tough year. It’s likely that your team looks a lot a lot different now to how it did 12 months ago. So when we take into account the many new faces, the skeleton crews and the constant changes to your business – have you found the time to show appreciation for your staff?

Aside from simple behaviours like saying thank you and asking how your employees feel at work, there are some functional things you can do to support your employees.

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2. Measure Success Regularly

This is a great New Year’s resolution, because as well as keeping track of how your business is performing, you can create an internal culture of celebrating success! This can create a higher level of employee happiness and engagement, as they will feel more involved in the business and have their ‘eyes on the prize’.


But what types of success should you be measuring?

3. Be More Efficient

This may be an eye roll inducing statement, because of course we all try to be efficient at work. But often there’s tweaks that can be made to your daily processes to streamline them, and ultimately get your work done faster. Take a moment to consider what processes you find time consuming, and what small changes you could make to improve them.


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