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How to Streamline Your Invoice Management

Within restaurants you are bound to receive multiple invoices daily . If you don't have a correct invoice management in place this could be a mammoth task. Gone are the days of paper chasing and signature searching and human error.

All in One Place

The simplest yet most affective start to streamlining your invoice management is to have them all in one place. Paper invoices become messy and take up space when storing for months or even years. Opsyte offers a full visibility dashboard with all your invoices in place.

With this dashboard you can see all invoices awaiting approval, all approved and all rejected for a full audit trail. You can also search by supplier if you ever need to look back for reconciliation.

Approval Restrictions

Its a no brainer that the invoices in which people approve should be limited. You don't want to waste your time manually separating invoices one by one for each employee/ job role. Similarly your bar manager doesn't need to look through food invoices and your chefs don't need to see your rent.

Within Opsyte we have the ability to break down these factors by setting up Invoice Approval groups. It can be set up however you desire, this can be done either by supplier or even simpler with a food/ drink split, whatever works best for your business.

With these restrictions in place you can confidently know everyone is only seeing what they are supposed to see.

Monetary Limits

As well as limiting what your staff members see, you can also limit how much they are approving. Giving you full control over your expenditures.

This will be set up in correlation with your restrictions as mentioned above to give you a fully functioning system, with chef approving your food up to £500, head chef approving food up to £1000 and the Manager approving all stock up to £5000, for example, however you decide.

With these limits and restrictions in place you will have a functional flow of approval to really streamline your invoice management.


Communication is just as important in your invoice management as it is in other other department of your hospitality business. You need to be aware of everything happening without physically being in the site which is very common with multiple locations.

The notes feature enables all communication needed regarding invoices without having to call or message everyone who has access to that invoice. With the notes function you can easily add a note to the invoice in question, "missing item awaiting credit ref" then you are all on a united front and up to date on the invoice.

You also have the ability to 'vote' for an invoice to be approved. This is applicable if the monetary value is higher than they are capable of approving, however still get to input their part for the secondary authoriser.






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