Upcoming Train Strikes and the Effect on Hospitality

The nation will once again be experiencing 48-hour long train strikes. However, this time the strikes are taking place during hospitalities most vital period.

The hospitality industry has been through turmoil in the past few years and has been fighting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. December...


How to combat staffing issues within Hospitality

It's no secret that a lot of hospitality businesses are feeling the pressure this year with staffing issues. According to Alignable, 83% of Restaurants Still Can't Find Enough Workers. So why is this such awide spread issue,and what can you do as a hospitality business to combat it?

Why is the...


Winter is coming, is your restaurant ready?

With Halloween and bonfire night now behind us, the atmosphere has already turned distinctly wintery. Guests are looking forward to a festive atmosphere, comforting food and festive events - but the underlying concerns of Winter 2022 also cannot be ignored. Ongoing inflation, higher interest rates and escalating prices will be...


How to Streamline Your Invoice Management

Within restaurants you are bound to receive multiple invoices daily . If you don't have a correct invoice management in place this could be a mammoth task. Gone are the days of paper chasing and signature searching and human error.

All in One Place

The simplest yet most affective start to streamlining...


Improve staff Retention

Your staff are and always should be the heart of your hospitality business, without them, you wouldn’t have a business. Especially currently, staff retention within hospitality is incredibly high so throughout this article you will learn not only how to build a harmonious team with but in the long run...


Reputation Management in Restaurants

Reputation management is all about how you as a restaurant monitor and manage your customer feedback, but more importantly influencing that to show you restaurant in a positive light.

This post will cover why reputation management is important focus for your business - but also how you can implement strategies to...


Business energy prices are to be cut by half

The government has announced a huge support package that will cut energy bills for UK businessses by around half their expected levels for the winter of 2022.

Called The Energy Bill Relief Scheme, it will fix gas and electricity prices for all companies for six months from 1st October 2022.

Other entities...


Distributing Tips in the UK

Changing Tip Allocation Laws

Hospitality is a dynamic industry, and yet more change is on the horizon for the owners and management of hospitality businesses.

New plans for laws surrounding the distribution of tips and service charge are being finalised. Simply put, these changes will mean that 100% of tips given...


The Road to Sustainability in Restaurants

How having a sustainable mindset when running your business can benefit not only the planet, but also your profit margins and reputation.

Sustainable living is all about being aware of our actions and lifestyle choices, and understanding the impact they have on the world and environment around us.

There are many ways...


The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill

New legislation is being passed through parliament that will force employers to distribute all tips and service charges in a huge and welcome change for hospitality staff. The bill has won backing from MPs as the recent private member's Bill on tips was submitted by Conservative MP Dean Russell.

The legislation...


Chancellor working on tax breaks for firms - Sept 2022

As we all know, the impending doom of huge hikes in energy costs, as well as the cost of living crisis, is threatening hospitality each and every day.

Today the Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi outlined plans for a multi billion pound package of tax cuts to help businesses facing bankruptcy because of...


Get your business prepared for Autumn/Winter with restaurant rota software!

As we near the end of August, the signs of Autumn are starting to creep back in - despite the continuing heatwaves! The evenings are getting noticeably shorter, the summer holidays are drawing to a close - and excitement for the changing seasons is building.

The prepared hospitality managers amongst us...

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