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Beating the Heat: Effective Ways to Drive Sales during the Summer Months in Hospitality

As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, summer marks a peak season for the hospitality industry. However, with increased competition and shifting consumer preferences, it can be challenging for businesses to stand out and maximize their sales during this time. To stay ahead of the game, hospitality operators must develop creative and effective strategies that capitalize on the unique opportunities and challenges of the summer season.

In this blog, we will explore some proven techniques and best practices for driving sales during the summer months. From optimizing your outdoor amenities to spicing up your seasonal menu. We will provide practical insights and actionable tips to help you beat the heat and achieve summer sales success.


Invest in outdoor amenities and upgrades

It comes as no surprise that in the warmer months the public want to be outside as much as they can.

With this in mind, a review and improvement of the outdoor amenities you have in place will increase the number of people that will want to visit your venue. There are a number of ways in which you can improve your outdoor areas:


Improve your outdoor seating, with more tables and chairs to increase your cover count but also make outdoor more appealing with blankets for the evenings and parasols for the hot summer days.

Lighting and Ambiance

With customers wanting to stay out late in the warm evenings, it is important to consider your lighting. Ensure each table has sufficient lighting so that the evening can be enjoyed outside as much as in.

Childrens areas

School holidays will be in full swing so if you have the capability, children's play areas will be highly popular in the summer months.


Investing in your landscaping and greenery can make a big impact in your outdoor areas. Improvements in landscaping and green spaces gives your outdoor settings a fresh, clean feeling that is both inviting and aesthetic for your customers. Think about seasonal, easy to maintain plants that with low maintenance can be enjoyed year after year.

Host special summer-themed events and activities

The warmer season brings with it an enormous opportunity to host high capacity events. The ability to utilise both indoor and outdoor spaces ensures you can maximise your footfall and increase profitability.

Summer is the sports season, so consider having outdoor screens to show popular sporting events. You can even utilise your outdoor spaces to shake up your menus and serve up food on barbecues and in pizza ovens.


Develop a seasonal food and drink menus

The new season brings an opportunity to change up your menus.

Think about your menus, and how seasonally friendly they are. Hot stews and soups are going to be less popular than salads and lighter bites. You can also use this opportunity to create menus that showcase the best in local, seasonal produce. From radishes and cucumbers to berries and squash, your kitchens won't be in short supply this summer for fresh produce and fresh ideas.

Read more about seasonality in hospitality here.


Create a loyalty program to encourage repeat business

Loyalty programmes are always massively beneficial to your hospitality business.

During the summer months you can re vamp your loyalty programme and keep it in theme with your business. You can do this by linking it to new summer menu items or offer rewards for repeat business.

You can read more about the benefits of loyalty programmes in the article here.






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