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Are you losing time processing staff documents?

Onboarding new staff is an integral part of running a business. This process has many stages that can take place over the employee’s first few months. Among other things, during onboarding the employee will:

  • Get to know their role
  • Receive feedback
  • Learn how to be a part of the team
  • Begin to represent the business’ values


Successful onboarding leads to happier staff, who feel valued and work harder – but how effectively are you starting this process?

The first part of an employee’s journey is often an orientation day. A fundamental part of this process is gathering information about your new employee, so a large chunk of this day can be taken up by completing paperwork (not forgetting the time it takes management to prepare that paperwork, ahead of a new starter’s arrival). A slick orientation process gives management more free time to spend actively welcoming and training new employees, this makes for a great first impression and means less hassle for management. That’s what we’d like to help you with!


So how does document processing work with Opsyte?

Opsyte has an online document processing function that covers both employee contracts and your general onboarding documents.

The contracts module allows employers to send personalised contracts to employees quickly and simply. All employers need to do to set this up is create a template! When contracts are allocated to new employees our system will automatically fill in personalised details like name, job role, contracted hours and pay. This saves management time, as one template can be used for all new starters. The contracts module will also store the signed contracts, as well as alert management to those employees with unsigned contracts!

Contracts aren’t the only paperwork required during the onboarding process. Employees are often needed to complete other documentation, this could include paperwork like induction booklets, health declarations and right to work forms. Opsyte gives you the ability to upload these documents to your portal, so they can be easily processed by staff. Once documents have been read and signed by staff, they’ll be stored in the portal so management are able to view and access them when required.


To summarise, the onboarding of new employees is such a fundamental part of creating a strong workforce that we don’t want you to waste time being bogged down with frustrating paperwork. Using a streamlined online process, you can turn your attention to your new employee and their development from day one!







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